Nieuws in 2015
16.10.2015 Malaysian beauty product exports rising
15.10.2015 NoorVitamins hitting mass retail with halal-certified supplements
15.10.2015 'There is a market for an international halal brand'
06.10.2015 Islamic halal economy set to grow: Experts
01.10.2015 Food for thought: The business of halal cosmetics

Nieuws in 2013
07.11.2013 The Islamic action plan
22.10.2013 Halal gelatin in the process

Nieuws in 2012
25.12.2012 Boom time for GCC halal food industry
24.12.2012 Growing demand sees Europe firms warm to ‘halal production'
13.05.2012 HDC, IDB in talks to set up halal investment fund
12.05.2012 Halal meat and beef
11.05.2012 Nestlé market that produces largest range of halal products celebrates 100 years
05.05.2012 British Muslims Defend Halal Slaughter
07.01.2012 APN Labs, Inc. Announces Availability of Customer-Specific Probiotic Blends
05.01.2012 Jamil Khir: Only Jakim, religious councils allowed to issue halal logo
03.01.2012 Many restaurants still using illegal halal logos

Nieuws in 2011
29.12.2011 Pure Halal Beauty: Products offer natural and ethical alternatives
16.12.2011 Swedish mosque starts 'halal' dating site
12.12.2011 Halal certification accreditation guidelines OK’d
12.08.2011 Malaysia sells halal to China
08.08.2011 Halal food market is estimated at US$500 billion per year
26.07.2011 Vacationers worry over availability of halal food abroad
25.07.2011 The Shariah law of investing
13.07.2011 New approval opens Bangladesh halal exports
02.07.2011 Bangladesh gets go-ahead to export halal food
29.06.2011 Beer imported from Middle East not halal, Muslims warned
24.06.2011 Intertek responds to Indian Halal demand
22.06.2011 Ritual slaughter without stunning raises domestic cruelty concerns
21.06.2011 Italy: Campania firm produces first 'halal' certified mozzarella

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