Ethnic Foods Europe









Why Ethnic Foods Europe?

Because Ethnic Food is the fastest-growing segment of retail food sales. With more than 70 percent of European households buying authentic ethnic food and beverage products today, the demand for Ethnic food is greater than ever. Exhibitors are invited to present their product range of ethnic and specialty food products. New and exciting food tastes from all over the world.

Because a dedicated market place is needed. For a market worth of billions of Euro's, it is time for the Ethnic Food market to have its own marketplace: Ethnic Foods Europe will enable all the attention to be focused on Ethnic Food Products without any distractions. Apart from a targeted audience with one sole interest: Ethnic Foods and its all related categories.

The focus is on: meeting the buyers and their suppliers

Because the ethnic market will continue to expand. The world is changing, people migrate, travel like never before and cultural mixes generate growing demand for new exotic food experiences. New ( 2nd generation) consumers demand higher quality standards for ethnic food products in conventional and traditional (small and large) retail stores.



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