Halal Expo Paris 2013

Halal Expo, invest in the market 2013 will mark the 10th edition of the Halal Expo.
Now more than ever, this event affirms its legitimacy as the unique meeting place in France for professionals of the Halal industry.

A trade show reflecting the market

The Halal market is based on the respect of Islamic principles such as morality and ethics. Halal Expo has a policy of complete transparency concerning the certification of its exhibitors strengthening its Halal position within the profession. Similarly, all exhibitors must provide details of their certification before the show for all products requiring Halal certification. All documents will be freely available and can be consulted on our Internet site and will also be on display during the 2 days of the show.
A show on a human scale

As it has been designed to suit the budgets of small and medium sized companies, Halal Expo brings together a full and representative group from the market.

It caters to all sectors, both manufacturers and distributors.
Your B2B meeting will benefit from optimal visibility and will deliver immediate profitability.

Gain access to the largest Halal market in Europe! !
France is the most developed market, receptive to Halal innovations and their subsequent export.
Catering to 7 million Muslim consumers
With a value of approximately 5 billion euros
Largest market ahead of the United Kingdom and Germany

The Halal crossroads where supply meets demand
The Halal market is experiencing a period of rapid development and growth. Halal Expo reflects the Halal market in France, which is increasingly varied and comprehensive. It affects all sectors of the food and non-food industries. French Consumer habits tend to influence the variety of Halal products available on the French market. The French market, n°1 in Europe, is currently the market which is most receptive to innovation. The Halal market has strong growth potential. It affects all consumer sectors, particularly major retailers, all traditional channels, large food companies, the fast food industry… All distribution channels are represented at the show!
The place to be!

7100 professional visitors
All sectors are represented
90% of visitors are decision makers

A central and determining event

World number 1 tourist destination, Paris is a capital situated at the heart of Europe. With its key location for distribution purposes, Paris gives Halal Expo unrivalled access to the world. The international contribution is increasing each year with a significant increase in the number of foreign exhibitors and visitors.

Halal Expo, a European meeting!
15% of visitors are from abroad
30% of exhibitors are from abroad




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